Photo for memory, Or why it is important to keep old pictures
Surely every family has photo albums with old family photographs that gather dust somewhere in cupboards, on mezzanines. Someone decides to simply throw them away to make way, and someone…

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On the importance of photography in the modern world
Photography is a language that speaks at the level of emotions. Moreover, this language is quite strong. Sometimes it causes such excitement in the viewer, such a storm of feelings…

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"I shot everyone," A. Corbain Anton Corbijn was born in a Dutch province in 1955. His father was a priest of the Protestant church, and his mother was a nurse.…

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I am not a street photographer. I’m just a photographer who sometimes manages to take a good photo on the street

M. Dakovich

Maciej Dakowicz (© Maciej Dakowicz) is a documentary photographer and a master of the truly “street” genre. The Pole, who moved to live in the UK, but did not stay long anywhere, became famous for the provocative and even scandalous series of works by Cardiff after Dark, which he shot in 2009. Photographs published in 2012 as a separate book are an impassive reportage from the streets of English Cardiff, where after sunset young residents of the city have fun in bars and pubs, sometimes completely “losing face”. Alcoholic chronicles of the British fun almost shook the foundations of the Crown and sparked a heated public discussion. In many respects, this is the merit of the author of the pictures – witty, ruthlessly noticing details with his sharp eye, able to build the composition so that the viewer grasps the point at one point. Continue reading

ASHER FELLIG’S invaluable contribution to the art of photography, or scandalous Viji

“My name is Viji. I am the greatest photographer in the world …”

Asher Fellig was born at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the town of Zolochev, which at that time belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. After 11 years, the boy and his family moved to live in New York, where he changed his name to Arthur. The life of an emigrant made the teenager start working at the age of 14. He changes several places before becoming an assistant photographer. This event, apparently, radically influenced his future fate. Arthur began to work as a street portrait painter with a pony nowhere without special training, then he became a laboratory assistant at a photo studio. Working during the day in the studio, at night he went on a “photo hunt”. Now, the life of New York at night during the Great Depression is considered a certain style and distinctive sign, created, including, by such a talent as Viji. Continue reading


Taking models on the catwalk is a skill that some take for granted, but few photographers do the job as well as they could. But your job at a fashion show is to somehow take perfect photos, while being in a crowd with other photographers, cliched like sardines in a bank, in a dark corner of a very hostile environment where most things are beyond your control.

Before we begin, remember that the purpose of catwalk photography is to provide a consistent set of quality images for designers or media publications covering an event in the fashion world. Qualitative!

how to photograph the catwalk fashion show

Now let’s move on to the specific ten tips (the order of significance is arbitrary). Continue reading

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Sit down
 Sit down, meditate and watch Photographing flowers is a good reason to meditate. Try to find a place away from people (if possible), sit down and relax. Do not immediately…


Photos on the pages of glossy magazines that can be seen today are similar to each other. They are not distinguished by the complexity of the frame. Other were the…


The story of the American photographer Vivien Maier (© Vivian Maier) is an interesting case of fame that came to the photographer only after death. Nobody saw her carefully assembled…