ASHER FELLIG'S invaluable contribution to the art of photography, or scandalous Viji
"My name is Viji. I am the greatest photographer in the world ..." Asher Fellig was born at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the town of…

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At the time of the birth of photography, aesthetics were dominated by the belief that only man-made work can be art. The image of reality obtained using technical methods could…

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What is professional photography and who is a professional photographer.
Why the cost of professional photography is higher than amateur. Turning to a professional, you expect to get high-quality and beautiful photos. In order to justify your expectations and embellish…

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One of the most sought after photographers in the fashion industry, Mert Alas, was born in 1971 in Istanbul. His interest in glossy magazines showed up quite early. Murt’s father was a military pilot. Undoubtedly, the mother, who was a model in the 1960s, influenced the young man’s hobbies.

At age 19, Alas went to the UK. In London, he learned the language and found a job as a stylist. His path in photo modeling began after meeting Markus Piggott in 1994. At one of the photo shoots, a fateful meeting took place that marked the beginning of a creative duet. They had a lot in common in biography, professional preferences and hobbies. The guys rented the attic of an abandoned warehouse and equipped a small studio. Continue reading


Taking models on the catwalk is a skill that some take for granted, but few photographers do the job as well as they could. But your job at a fashion show is to somehow take perfect photos, while being in a crowd with other photographers, cliched like sardines in a bank, in a dark corner of a very hostile environment where most things are beyond your control.

Before we begin, remember that the purpose of catwalk photography is to provide a consistent set of quality images for designers or media publications covering an event in the fashion world. Qualitative!

how to photograph the catwalk fashion show

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About TFP should be known to everyone who is somehow connected with photography. TFP (Time for Prints) is a form of transaction in the world of photography, where neither side takes money for their work from the other side. That is, the model gives the photographer his time, and the photographer provides the model with pictures for the fact that she worked with him.

TFP – Time for printing or Time for photos. It is a side effect of the current situation: there are an exceptionally large number of camera owners around, thanks to their relatively affordable prices. More cameras, more photographers and in direct correlation – more models Continue reading

Many online store owners are worried about how to convey the beauty of sparkling jewelry in photographs. However, shooting jewelry is not as difficult as it might seem. Here is…


What is a modern photographer?
We are all photographers today, but with the proliferation of digital photography, her theory is not keeping pace with her practice. In their dialogue, the philosopher Mikhail Kurtov and the…


What is conceptual photography?
Here is the first example, a photograph of Jeff Wall, which everyone knows, including because Hokusai is here, plus the familiar Bresson “decisive moment” and the plot-photo story that unfolds…