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Shooting with a wireless remote control significantly expands the capabilities of the photographer, brings much more flexibility to the work. Touching the camera directly is sometimes not practical or even impossible. In addition, simply pressing the shutter button with your hand can cause the camera to vibrate and shake, which wildegrade image quality.

The ability to use the camera while being at a distance has many advantages. You can use the cable, of course, but you will still be limited by its length (and add more security problems), although this is a budget option. But still, no one wants to trip over the cable and pull the tripod and camera for it, and in the end break everything up.

Wireless remote controls are a more expensive option, but they provide much more freedom in the process. Stacey Hill photographer is always happy to share his experience of using them (and not using them either). Let’s see what the master of his craft offers.

using the remote control in photography
Top view with module connected to camera port

Benefits of Using a Wireless Remote Control

Macro shot
When working with a very shallow depth of field, as in macro photography, for example, you need to fine-tune the focus point to get a clear image. The slightest vibration can affect focus accuracy.

During such a survey, make sure that you are sitting at a certain distance from the tripod in a stable position and are grounded. Sometimes you can even hold your breath.

using the remote control in photography
Live View. The wireless remote control is located on the surface where the subject is ready for use

Sharper images

Two changes that you can make to the macro workflow that significantly affect the increase in the number of sharp shots. The first is the use of a wireless remote control. And secondly – shooting in Live View with an enlarged image.

This will allow you to focus very accurately, sometimes on the car, and sometimes on the manual focus. Then use the remote control to get rid of the vibration. Why is this possible? Firstly, without touching the camera shutter, you do not get any extra movement. And secondly, when shooting in Live View mode, when the lens starts to work, it moves to the minimum value. When you half-clamp the button on the remote control, it connects the lens, and everything moves lightly, and then holds until the remote control button is fully pressed and the picture is taken.

This method allowed reducing the number of shots taken to get a clear image to 3-5, and the sharpness level is about 50%. Previously, it was possible to take more than 20 pictures, but not one of them was in the focus.

using the remote control in photography
The subject is being prepared, the camera is set to Live View for precise focus, and the wireless remote control is within reach to conveniently take a picture

Self portraits
The remote control allows you to shoot using a time delay, which is very important for shooting a self portrait. You click on it to start the timer, and then throw the remote control out of the frame, but within easy reach, to continue experimenting with various poses and angles.

using the remote control in photography

It can also be convenient for any portrait shots of pets or children, when the use of hands may be required to attract their attention and direct their gaze to the camera. With a remote control, you can allow yourself to move away from the camera to correct your hair or, say, how a dress or veil falls for a wedding.

Long exposure
Many cameras take only up to 30 seconds in Bulb mode, and therefore the photographer must either hold the shutter manually or use a remote control (cable or wireless). Ideally, you should avoid touching the camera to avoid camera shake. The remote control allows you to keep the shutter open manually for as long as necessary. Or as long as you are ready to hold the button (some remote controls will calculate the time of the shot for the photographer or they have a lock button so that you do not have to hold the shutter yourself).

using the remote control in photography
Long exposure shot taken in full moonlight. See the shadow of the photographer in the lower left corner? It was so dark that he did not see her in the pictures from the camera. The remote control would allow to go beyond the boundaries of the frame without changing the composition

Wildlife photography
Perhaps you are in a shelter or near the same perch when the camera is fully focused and ready to take a picture, but the animals remain on the sidelines. Obviously, the ability to move away from the camera and minimize the presence of a person nearby can help to get the right picture in this situation. Perhaps the photographer is simply unsafe to even be in this position.

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