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What is professional photography and who is a professional photographer.

Why the cost of professional photography is higher than amateur.

Turning to a professional, you expect to get high-quality and beautiful photos. In order to justify your expectations and embellish them, a professional photographer must use equipment that allows not to limit the implementation of ideas. Professional equipment is expensive, in contrast to the usual “soap dish” has a limited resource of work, which decreases with each shot made, which leads to costly repairs. Add to this the time and technical costs of processing each frame from the footage, because you want to get photos with beautiful colors, the correct brightness and eliminated the shortcomings of the subject ?? It is difficult to calculate how much time and effort was spent by a professional photographer on training in order to see the best moments of shooting and to be able to capture them. Professional photography is not a thoughtless press of the shutter button, after which photos fly out. Now it’s clear why the cost of shooting from an experienced professional is more expensive than from a friend who just bought a soap box or an entry-level SLR camera.
Professional photography is primarily a business. Therefore, all the laws and principles inherent in any other business apply here.

Professional photography includes the following concepts:
Professional photographer.
Training and practice of a professional photographer
Professional and modern photo equipment.
Professional filming and studio equipment.

Now in more detail about these concepts.

A professional photographer is an experienced photographer who is able to organize customer acquisition and work with them in such a way as to ensure a constant flow of funds necessary for life. A professional photographer can be either highly specialized in any one type of photography, or a wide profile, capable of performing various types of photography equally well. It depends on the experience and individual personality of the photographer.

The cost of a professional photographer usually consists of an hourly wage. The average cost per hour of a professional photographer in Belarus is 35-70 USD, depending on the equipment used by the photographer, his work experience and fame. Moreover, as in any other business, the main role here is played by the experience of the photographer and his equipment.

Professional and modern photographic equipment is the main tool of the photographer as a businessman. Therefore, photographic equipment for professional photography should be technically advanced and not outdated, that is, competitive.
Such photographic equipment has always been and is expensive (at the moment, the most affordable professional cameras cost more than 2500-4000 USD, excluding the cost of various additional devices and accessories, and, as a rule, not affordable for amateur photographers.
Professional filming and studio equipment – all kinds of auxiliary subjects for the implementation of various types of photography. As a rule, these are: a good computer, lighting equipment and multiple individual components whose total cost is high enough for most people.

Now let’s move on to the section: what makes up the cost of professional photography for a client?

The cost of professional photography depends on many factors and, as a rule, includes the following components (if necessary):
Payment for the work of the photographer.
Payment for the use of lighting equipment
Payment for the work of assistant photographers.
Payment for the work of the model (s).
Payment for the work of a stylist, make-up artist, dresser, etc.
Payment for the work of the designer.
Payment of rental details.
Payment for printing photos.
Payment of any other expenses necessary for taking photographs.

Professional photography for a photographer is a business in which success directly depends on the approach to it and on the quality of photography.
Professional photography for the client is an expensive service, the result of which is the guaranteed high quality of the resulting photographic material. (High quality is guaranteed by the laws of business – the higher the quality of photography – the more customers the photographer has, since satisfied customers themselves are the advertising agents, and this is the most effective form of advertising).

Advice to potential customers:
When ordering professional photography, you need to have an idea of ​​the main stages of the interaction between the client and the photographer. The main stages of interaction when ordering professional photography are described in the article “Professional photographer and professional photography – how to make an order”

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